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Recreational Soccer Program

This page is under development. It will have specific information for the Recreational Program.  Information and links will be updated soon.  Thank you for your patience.

The Recreational program is a fall soccer league.  All games are played at the Gaylord Soccer Complex on the corner of North Ohio and Fairview.

Rules of the Game
U5 to U6 Coed
U8 Girls and Boys
U10 Girls and Boys
U12 Girls and U14 Boys
U15 Girls

Open Registration

Registrations are to be completed online during the months of April and May for the fall season and can be accessed on the GSL web site at

After May 31st a $20 late fee will apply for each participant. No registrations will be accepted after June 30th.

Fees are based on family members living in the same household.  A discount of $10 will be given for each participant beginning at the second participant in the program.
1 Player = $75

Partial refunds of only $35 will be given after July 1st. No refunds after July 31st.

Cost Includes:
Soccer Jersey & Socks  (players are responsible for shorts)
Approximately 10 games of soccer
MSYSA Insurance Coverage
League supplied paid USSF referee(s) when applicable
Field Maintainence

Player Placement

Players are randomly placed on teams based upon age. U5 and U6 teams are co-ed. All other teams are gender specific. Placement is done via a computer program. Every effort will be made to place players from the same household who fall in the same division onto the same team. Coaching parents will have their age appropriate child(ren) placed on their team.

*****Request for a specific coach, player grouping, etc. are not accepted*****

U8 games are refereed by a coach/assistant coach/ or volunteer all of whom must have a valid Risk Management Card.
U10 – U14 games are refereed by USSF certified referees when possible. In 2009 nearly 90% of games had at least a center referee. In the event a referee is not available a coach, assistant coach, or volunteer will act as a non-partisan referee.

Weather Related Cancellations

Referees and GSL Board members or designees are solely responsible for field wide cancellations as a result of severe weather at game time. Make up games are scheduled between coaches, and it is their responsibility to schedule a field and referees, if necessary. Make up games cannot be scheduled during regularly scheduled game times unless a field is available and verified with the registrar.

Alpine Cup Tournament
At the discretion of the GSL Board of Directors a year end tournament will be held for all U10 and older teams providing there are enough teams in each age/gender division to support a bracket. This tournament is run in similar fashion to many MSYSA sponsored events and includes trophies and medals.

Player Transfer

A player that has registered for recreational soccer is not allowed to transfer to a U10, U11, or U12 travel team, nor will they be allowed to join a travel team after the recreational season concludes. They will be allowed to be a guest player at a tournament for a travel team as long as it does not interfere with a scheduled league game.

The above information can be reviewed and changed at any time by the Gaylord Soccer League Board of Directors.

Providing instructional development and integration of competitive youth soccer  opportunities that enhance character, community, and love of the game.

To verify eligibility of your child, please CLICK HERE to view the eligibility chart.

If you are willing to coach a Recreational Team, log into your account and go to the volunteer tab or email the GSL Registrar.